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Our customers are usually seeking advice on one or more of the following:



Service 1 - Training
Challenge: You are new to potent handling and would like to gain a better and independent understanding of the subject.
Service 1: We can provide a full range of training on any containment related subject, including terminology, legislation, engineering controls available, how to determine a containment philosophy that is right for you, what are the typical investment costs and how other manufacturing companies are doing it.

Service 2 - Facility Review

Challenge: You have an existing facility and are not sure what its potent handling capabilities are.
Service 2: We can review your facility and operating procedures and provide a report that advises on what the capability is likely to be based on the performance of the engineering controls employed in similar situations elsewhere.
  We can provide a testing regime to help you further establish the capability.
  We can provide qualified test personnel to carry out the testing in accordance with the new containment testing guidelines.

Service 3 - Facility Upgrade


You want to know what is required to upgrade your existing facility to handle a new compound or range of potent compounds.

Service 3:

We can advise on what engineering controls are available, discuss the advantages, disadvantages and order of magnitude costs and help you make the appropriate strategic investment decision.


Service 4 - Costing


You have decided to invest to upgrade your existing facility and wish to know more accurately what the costs will be.

Service 4:

We can perform concept studies, look in detail at the options, help you decide on the most appropriate engineering controls and produce cost estimates sufficient for capital approval.


Service 5 - Technical Support


You have decided you need a new item of equipment, e.g. a potent powder isolator or glovebox for dispensing, and want to ensure that you get best value for money.

Service 5:

We can provide you with a URS/technical specification sufficient to meet your validation master plan needs and that allows you to receive competitive bids from containment equipment suppliers. This will include the specification of the equipment function, design, construction, regulations, safety, testing and documentation


It is our experience that effort put in at this stage will save debate and additional expenditure after order placement.


We can provide advice on vendor selection. We can assist by performing a full bid analysis and provide commercial and technical recommendations.


Once the order has been placed we can assist by reviewing design drawings to ensure the specification is being adhered to and attend ergonomic trials to ensure the best ergonomic practices are employed. We can review FAT documents and attend the FAT. We can advise on installation requirements.


Service 6 - New Facility


You are building a new facility and want to ensure that it provides the appropriate containment levels and value for money.

Service 6:

We can provide guidance on current and best practice and help you decide on a high level containment strategy.  We can write engineering guidelines that help you and your engineering support teams select appropriate engineering controls.



If we can help you by providing any of the services described above or if you have any other containment issues you wish to discuss please contact us.


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